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One of the presentations that I truly was curious about seeing at the recent Luxury Leading Real Estate conference Sean and I attended in Las Vegas was, “Leading on Purpose” by Larry Kendall, the author of “Ninja Selling.” I’ve never heard Larry speaking or read his book before but many people kept mentioning his name to me and comparing some of my coaching techniques and strategies to his. I was excited to meet him in person and had a chance to talk to him before his presentation. 

The moment I heard Larry share his motto, “We help our clients move from the life they have to the life they dream about,” I immediately recognized that we both have the same approach to coaching, we are all about creating meaningful impact in the lives of our clients. I made a lot of notes for this article during Larry’s presentation and I want to share them with you today. 

Here are the top 5 Living on Purpose in 5G processes by Larry Kendall. 

  • Gratitude: Living in a state of gratitude opens doors for more opportunities. Expressing gratitude to the Universe signals your readiness for abundance. Conversely, criticizing or becoming frustrated with your circumstances unconsciously perpetuates the same patterns, keeping you stuck in a similar reality.

  • Goals: Clarity about what you want to create and experience in the future is essential for progress. Without clear goals, you may find yourself repeating patterns in life. Setting goals provides direction, akin to inputting a destination into GPS, guiding you toward the life you desire.

  • Grid: Commitment to your goals, even when the initial inspiration fades, is crucial for success. True commitment stems from understanding your WHY—your deep desires and motivations that drive you toward your goals.

  • Grace: Conducting business with grace, defined as a polite and thoughtful approach, is paramount in today’s world. Adopting an energy of alignment and cooperation, rather than force, leads to more sustainable success.

Giving: In business, giving entails providing more value in your products and services than you receive in payments. There are three types of individuals in business and life: givers, takers, and matchers. Striving for balance between giving and receiving fosters fulfillment.

Once you’ve embraced living on purpose and have established daily practices, it’s time to focus on habits to grow your business. Many of them are all about making connections. I know creating new connections can be intimidating, especially with the people we don’t know well. Sometimes it might feel hard to find words that sound authentic to open a conversation… especially, if we are communicating in an email. What I know helps with authentic communications is being clear about your “WHY” for being in business. Without a strong “why” many people are trying to get results from fear of failing or not making enough money instead of being of service, sharing their unique talents and having passion for what they do.

Here is the list of daily connections and practices that should become your priorities. 

  • Gratitude: Begin your day by sending a few thank you notes to the people who are close to you, your family members and friends to set positive energy for the day ahead.
  • Time Blocks: Allocate time in your schedule for money-making activities. I know it sounds simple but many business owners mistake their to do list for a list of money making activities. Are you clear what the money making activities in your business are? 
  • Personal Connections: Write personal notes to people you wish to connect with, but you don’t currently know, fostering genuine relationships.
  • Connection: Focus on your “hot list” of prospects—contacts who already know, trust, and buy from you—prioritizing relationship-building and referrals.
  • Expansion: Engage with your “warm list” of potential clients whose needs may not yet be apparent, but whose circumstances could lead to future opportunities.

There are two primary pathways in which we can operate in our business and life: operating from a space of FEAR or from a space of LOVE. When you live, work, and act from a space of love, abundance, and alignment, things flow naturally; you attract instead of chase, and you feel light and uplifted. Conversely, living in a state of fear, scarcity, and force leads to feelings of victimhood, struggle, scarcity, and the belief that your desires are unattainable.

Each day, every conversation, and every decision presents an opportunity to choose and act in alignment with our mindset. Living on purpose entails bringing awareness to our mindset and making conscious choices. 

In our business, Sean and I share with our clients the importance of these same principles of living intentionally, prioritizing relationships, and providing genuine value. These qualities are as important as teaching our clients sales tactics and building short and long term plans and business strategies. 

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