One of my clients is a very talented, hard-working artist with a great record of work and connections. She is one of the most creative women I know. 

We started working together because she had always struggled with making money in her business. She tried almost everything… yet…  the profits did not come. She felt discouraged, sad, and questioning if she could be really successful doing what she loved.

She finally came to me for help. Making the financial investment in coaching with me was a big decision for her, yet deep inside she knew that she had to do it. 

Once we started, in just 16 weeks her business and personal life transformed. She made more money in these few weeks than she had in the previous 3 years combined.

Her decision to build a profitable business impacted her whole family in the most miraculous way. Her kids and her partner saw how committed she was to her desires; they started helping her… even… without being asked.

It was always her dream to spend more quality time with her family and once she had the financial resources available she made a decision to join a country club and do just that. Life had dramatically changed for the better.

Now let me contrast that with the many stories we read and hear about down-and-out people who win the lottery or otherwise somehow through good fortune come into great wealth virtually overnight…   and within a year or two are back being even poorer than they were before they had hit the jackpot.

What is the difference between these two stories?

It isn’t the acquiring of money. It is about people’s relationship to money and financial freedom once they have it.

In my client’s case, she had a plan. She knew how she wanted to spend her money, invest her money, grow her money, share her money and protect her money. Her newfound financial freedom empowered her to love and support and share with her family in new and fulfilling ways.

In the other stories, the lottery winners were terrified with their sudden success and had no idea how to deal with it constructively. They were not prepared because they had never ever developed a healthy relationship with money or wealth. They also believed that they were not worthy of their good fortune because they did not have to work hard to earn it.

So, what is the moral of the story here?

  1. First, making money is good. Don’t use the cliche that “money doesn’t buy happiness” as an excuse not to pursue your dream and be successful. Invest in developing a healthy and rewarding relationship with money.
  2. Second of all, have a plan. Be prepared for success. Make your money with purpose and intention. Know your “why” and pursue your goals so that your clients, friends, family and YOU all benefit…   either financially or in other valuable ways.
  3. Third, create a legacy so that your dream can be passed on to others. If you do this well there will be something of lasting value for you to leverage when it is time to retire and pass things along to the next generation.

In my practice, we focus A LOT on having a healthy relationship with success and money.

We believe that Queens deserve to be well-compensated and live a good life.

As a result, the amount of happiness that I see in my clients’ lives is overwhelming. 

I see women becoming confident and proud in who they are and what they do. I see families becoming closer together because money is no longer the source of struggle and stress… 

I see dreams and deepest desires manifested. 

I see personal growth and development that becomes available as the result of financial freedom. 

I see how financial freedom becomes empowering and a source of great energy! 

It represents the service impact we Queens can bring to the world! 

And… the more of service you are, the more energy flows from you and to you!