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Most of us heard, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.” The famous Walt Disney’s quote is inspiring but not entirely true because most of the time your dreams stay dreams. Why, because dreaming doesn’t have a strong manifesting power!

Do you feel like you have beautiful dreams and desires that you really want to manifest but you haven been successful? … It feels almost like there is something missing and you don’t know what it is?

Then this article is for you.

When you are ready to make your desires your reality it is key to understand how to manifest your desires at 5 levels.


You will make your desires more powerful, and real to your subconscious mind, when you put pen to paper and write them down. All my clients agree that there is something magical that happens when they write down what they really want. It makes them feel like they are making their dream a contact with themselves.


This level is all about feeling your desires. Your body will always tell you the truth if you are willing to slow down and listen! The sensations in your body are your indicators of your alignment with your desires. And your sense of belief.

Do you feel excited when you read and think about your desires? Do they bring a smile to your face?

If you feel a pit in your stomach or your heart sink when you think about your desires there is probably some misalignment. Chances are this is not your true desire. You might be trying to  make things happen because of somebody’s else’s expectation or obligation. I invite you to ask yourself, what is that YOU really want? The process I’m describing only works for your OWN desires. 

Level 3. VISUALIZE YOUR DESIRES. This is the most fun and very powerful!

This step is all about engaging your imagination. Can you close your eyes and imagine living your desire and fully enjoying it? From daily visualization meditations to vision boarding these are the ways to have fun bringing life and vitality to your desires. 

Enjoy this level as it can be very satisfying and playful. 


Repetition creates mastery! All successful athletes and business owners know that success requires repetition. 

When you repeat these 4 steps daily you will stay in the energy of your desires. By repetition your subconscious mind will also accept your new desires as your new reality. By repetition you will also start re-writing how your subconscious has been programed for decades, and allow it to accept and belief your wonderful new dreams! 


Desires are your feminine energy. They are the Queen.

Action is the masculine force, the King. When you combine the feminine and masculine energies you activate a powerful manifestation force that connects and aligns your desires with the Universal’s vortex of creation.

By following these steps you tap into the resources, opportunities, referrals, and connections that were not available to you before. 

Your desires, when they flow freely from your mind with strength and conviction, become visible to the Universe and carry a powerful manifestation force. 

This is a powerful formula that elevates you from the realm of desiring, wishing and wanting and into the realm of possibilities and manifestation, and that is where the magic happens. 

I’m wishing you that this year will bring you the full manifestation of your desires beautifully, elegantly, and with ease.