How to make every year the best year of your life… with a little help from a coach!

Why shouldn’t we all make every year the best year of our lives? That’s the way it should be, right? 

And it IS possible.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But, in practice, it is hard to do without help.

All elite athletes, all great executives, and every U.S. President have their own outstanding coaches.

So why shouldn’t we all?

Great life, success, and business coaches can help us in many critical ways to live a successful and intentional life.

We at LDV Elite coach our clients to live every day intentionally in complete alignment with their goals and desires.

We do this by helping them to:

  1. Think and Dream Bigger.

When JFK said we were going to put a man on the moon in 1960 NO ONE had a clue HOW we were going to do it. They figured it out.

All people and organizations have limiting beliefs that keep them from achieving their full potential (“I/we are not good enough”, etc.). The best coaches can get their clients past these old hangups to believe that more is achievable.

Great coaches will help you set big and bold goals without worrying about “how” by asking you “Why Not?” (“Why can’t we double the business?”, etc.) and encourage you to go for it. 

Worry about the “How’s” later. 

  1. Understand our “Why’s”.

The bigger the reward, the stronger the inspiration!

Whether you are an individual or an organization, you need to know what success will mean to you – your “Why”.

Is your Why a new home (for you or a loved one?), a trip to Bali or a major donation to your University or local medical center?

Whatever it is you need to embrace it with passion. 

  1. Commit to a Plan… in Writing.

Did you know that when you write down your goals and desires you are 47% more likely to manifest them?

If you share them with someone else you are 75% more likely to manifest them. 

Once you know your What and Why, you need a plan IN WRITING! 

And, we believe that you are infinitely more likely to manifest your goals and plan with good consistent coaching.

  1. Figure Out “How”.

A great coach has either done it before, has seen it done before, can help you research who has and how it’s been done before, or can work with you and your team to create solutions and to make resourceful decisions to make it happen now.

They know or will help you find the “How”.

  1. Take Inspired Action.

Having a strong belief as an individual or as a group in what you desire and sharing that resolve with the world is very powerful. Once you have that energy at work, you still need to show up and act. Take strong decisive action that is in clear alignment with your goals; direct your energy exclusively to the achievement of your objectives. A great coach will help you avoid taking steps that are not in alignment because mixed signals create confusion and an unhelpful lack of clarity. 

  1. Stay Focused.

We encourage our clients to function like Owners, not Operators.

The worst job in the world is to be a CEO: Chief of Everything Officer. A coach will help an owner/leader stay focused on the high-impact things that matter and do what they do best while delegating everything else.

  1. Connect with the right people and resources.

A great coach will help you surround yourself with talent and expertise. No great business is a one-man show. No great life is lived without the love and support of others. Get the proper support. Your coach should help you define and solve for your critical staffing and support needs.

  1. Inspire your teams.

Communication and training are essential tools here and a coach can play a key role in achieving critical organizational or partnership alignment. All team members and partners need to be aligned with your overall goals to achieve maximum success. 

  1. Keep score and be accountable.

The old truism is “If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. A coach can help you set up the right reporting and measurement processes to help you “manage it”. This is key to tracking key milestones and making necessary course corrections.

A good coach can speak truth to power and keep you honest by telling you what you need to hear. We all need that.

  1. Win Big and Celebrate your Successes.

When you dream bigger you win bigger! But don’t forget to set milestones along the way and celebrate their achievement regularly. Have a team party, take a trip (perhaps to the Florida Keys instead of to Bali) or buy a new car (even if it’s the small Mercedes instead of the Lamborghini on your Vision Board). Experiencing your Whys in this way, individually or as a team, serves to strengthen your determination to keep going onward and upward.           

We invite you to make every year the best year of your life. We invite you to dream big, and each year make sure to dream bigger.

Put your plans in writing and live them intentionally every day. Celebrate your successes along the way. Have fun doing it.

Find yourself a great coach to make it all happen elegantly and with ease.

Have a great purposeful day!


About the Authors:

Renia and Sean Orr are business growth strategists and advisors to international entrepreneurs with a focus on women-owned businesses. 

They share a great marriage and a successful Palm Beach-based business coaching partnership at