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What is the difference between a real estate broker, interior designer or an art expert who works on $100,000 projects from the ones that sell $10,000,000 deals? 

At first, the gap between the two might seem big. In reality, it is possible to start attracting higher level projects and high end clients in a matter of weeks.

One of my clients, when we started working together, was an individual broker who was selling $1 million properties operating on her own. She is now selling estates in the $10 – $50 million dollar range and has a rapidly growing team of brokers working for her.

You, too, can start working with more high end clients while working fewer hours, increasing your revenue, and creating a life of meaning and purpose.

What helps my clients transform their businesses? 

Two things: A clear vision and an empowered mindset based on self-beliefs. 

These are the foundations you need to thrive in successfully serving high end clientele; and, most importantly, having the time and energy to enjoy your success. 

To paraphrase Yogi Berra: 90% of business is mental; the other half is execution. Yogi wasn’t great with numbers but he had a point. 

Your mindset is more powerful than your skill set. 

When you compare two people with the same skill set, the one with an empowered mindset will always win.

The following examples demonstrate how your life transforms when you shift your mindset from self limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs.


If you don’t know where you’re going you are lost before you start. 

Studies show that only 10% of people know what they want and only 1% have it written down. Without a clear and exciting vision you have no starting point. 

This vision needs to be so vivid, you can feel it, see it, smell it and touch it, and through that you can start living it. 

Studies show that when you write your goals down you increase the possibility of manifesting them by 47% and when you share them with others you increase it by 75%. 

Dreams don’t happen without purposeful action and visions only become reality when you get clear on your desires.

So I encourage you to put your plans in writing and share them with your partners, family, team, and other stakeholders. Make your personal commitment to them and gain their support.


Many of us are our own worst critics and stand in our own way. Fear, doubt and negative self-talk impact our confidence. Instead of moving forward with ease we end up  spinning wheels.

Your self-limiting beliefs lead to self-sabotage.

Your self-empowering beliefs lead to self-fulfillment.

The real costs of denial are: not reaching your fullest potential, lack of confidence, scarcity of time, money and resources, compromised relationships, and being overwhelmed.

The payoffs are: feeling fulfilled, abundant, happy, and enjoying plentiful time and balance in life.

To help my clients shift their mindset I really listen to their stories to uncover their beliefs and use a proven coaching process to replace existing self-sabotaging beliefs with self-empowering ones. 

We Start with Discovering Your Patterns

We help you write out your life story including your biggest successes and disappointments. We look at it together and help you recognize your old patterns. What choices led to your highs and lows. Who influenced your major life decisions? What were you trying to avoid or escape?

This is the beginning of your understanding of your own mindset.

Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

“I’m not good enough” is one of the most common beliefs that I hear from my clients. 

Other examples are; “Making money is hard,” “I can’t,” “I don’t have time,” “You can either be happy or rich,” “I’m a fraud,” “I’m too old, too young,” …  the list is long.

It is important for you to understand the origins of your own limiting beliefs. Where did these beliefs come from? Your parents, siblings, peers, TV, society?

It is eye opening to write down all your old beliefs on a piece of paper. What is even more powerful is asking yourself “Are my beliefs true?” and challenge the validity of these beliefs. 

What you will discover is that most of them have power over you because you choose to believe in them. 

Next, take another piece of paper and write the opposite of the original beliefs and ask yourself. “Are these new beliefs the real truth?” 

Turning your limiting beliefs into unlimited potential

Repetition creates mastery. Make these new beliefs your new mantra.

To condition the new beliefs we help our clients create daily rituals. These rituals are simple yet powerful. They involve affirming these new beliefs and living them intentionally every day. By repeating these new patterns of thoughts and behaviors they will become new habits very quickly.

A very important step in this process is finding a person, a role model that you know or even a public figure, that was able to overcome similar beliefs and, as a result, transform their lives. Knowing that your struggle can be overcome is empowering and inspires you to believe in yourself.. 

What’s possible for others is possible for you, too!

You can start shifting your mindset and change your life story starting today. With each success, large or small, you will be establishing a new pattern and the successes will keep getting bigger and bigger.

At LDV Elite, we are all about celebrating you and all your successes along the way. As you see your own steady progress, feel proud and excited to continue this journey. 

In the beginning it can be hard to confront and change your old thought patterns on your own. That is simply because it is hard for us to recognize our own limiting beliefs. It is very helpful to find a mentor to take you through the process and to keep you committed and accountable. 

Let us help you adopt a new mindset and create true breakthroughs in your business and life.

We would like to invite you to apply for an opportunity to meet in person for a Complimentary Business Strategy Session.  

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Renia M. Orr is an international business coach, brand strategist, and speaker. She is an expert in helping women achieve explosive business growth, build highly profitable brands, and create extraordinary lives.