I want to share with you my LOVE NOTE…

Creating A Divine Body And Vibrant Health is a beautiful journey of SELF-LOVE.

We learn how to honor our body, take care of our mind and live a more soul-centered life and that requires… a lot of LOVE.

With all my heart, I believe that when we practice SELF-LOVE we uplift not only our lives, but we add to the happiness of the whole planet and we create more LOVE. 

When we LOVE ourselves, we become better spouses, parents and friends and we shift the consciousness of the world and make it a happier and more LOVING place.

Today is a day that we celebrate LOVE!

Thank you will never be enough to tell you all how much YOU mean to me and how much I LOVE YOU.

I’m grateful for you, reading this note and being a part of the La Dolce Vita Nutrition family.

And so, I would love to share with you one of the beautiful processes that I use in my personal life and teach many of my private clients that is a beautiful way to practice SELF-LOVE.

It is the process of writing A LOVE NOTE TO YOUR BODY, 

Take a deep breath in… exhale :).

Dearest Body Of Mine,

I LOVE you so much and I promise to:


  • Understand and honor you as the temple of my soul
  • Realize that love, play, and positive thoughts help you feel good
  • Support you with healthy food and drinks
  • Realize that my food choices have the power to make you healthy and beautiful
  • Love you and appreciate you for all that you do in every moment of my life
  • Accept that through my food choices I have the power to heal you
  • Listen to the messages you are sending me
  • Exercise regularly, even a few minutes every day
  • Understand that my negative emotions and thoughts affect you
  • Close your eyes and list all your additional promises…




During the day remind yourself of your promises.

Sending LOVE,


p.s. Sometimes in life, we get lost. We forget how beautiful and powerful we are. We know we can do better and be better… but we don’t know where to start.

If your ready to take your first step, schedule your private call with me and let me be the one to remind you of how beautiful and powerful you are: support@LDVNutrition.com

Renia M. Orr

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