Are you tired of going into your closet, trying outfit after outfit, and nothing fits?

Do you feel a lack of confidence every time you need to make a presentation, speak in front of an audience, or getting photographed?

Driven women like us are BUSY! We leave our wellness and self-care on the back burner hoping that “one day,” things will change.

Today I would like to invite you to decide that THIS is the time to make your wellbeing and self-care non-negotiable. It is time to feel comfortable in your own skin and confidently show up in your professional and personal lives. 

It all starts with loving yourself!

From years of experience working with global jet-setters and A-list celebrities, I know that when a woman feels vibrant, confident and comfortable she becomes unstoppable.

Not only in her career benefits but her partner and family benefit as well. 

I believe that it is ESSENTIAL for you to get clear and focused on how you are nourishing your body and mind. 

I’m bringing you the secrets, that I’ve used working with my private clients for 30 years,

these are the exact same steps I used to transform my own body, health, and life. 

Working with world renowned doctors, institutes and experts in holistic health and nutrition and my own experience in wellness and the beauty industry gives me the confidence that you can do it too.

You can start now.

We will begin with the exact steps toThe Ultimate Body and Mind Cleansing for Busy Women

There are many ways to cleanse and rejuvenate your body and make a long-term change in your lifestyle. From my experience, diets, restrictions and sacrifices don’t work. 


First, we cleanse the body by cleansing the mind. 


Pleasure is an essential nutrient! 

So today I invite you to play hooky.

Get back home earlier from work and spoil yourself in a warm, luxurious bath with your favorite bath salts. This body cleansing ritual is not just a pleasure for your skin…it is food for your soul! 

What I discovered over the years of coaching women and through my own journey is that if there is not enough pleasure in our lives we try to find pleasure in other sources like food, alcohol, or shopping. 

The other reason to start with a luxurious bath is that one of the ways the body releases toxins is through the skin. Toxins are stored in fat cells and when we release toxins the body can naturally get back to its ideal weight and vitality faster. 

This ritual is also symbolic. It allows all that no longer serves you to be washed away. You step into a fresh feeling of freedom, lightness, and pleasure!

Then we move deeper to the mind. 


This simple step allowed me to transform my health and body, find the love of my life, create an international business, have freedom to work from anywhere in the world, and coach other women how to do the same. 

What helped me transform my status quo existence was setting daily intentions and writing them in my journal.

You too can create a new lifestyle that you love by setting daily intentions. It is a healing experience that uses daily reminders to provide a sense of accountability. 

Buy a beautiful journal and use it to get clear on how do you desire each day to unfold. 

This is not a diet; diets do not work. You are embarking on a new wellness journey to create a beautiful body, vibrant health, and blissful life with new choices that nurture you on a deepest level.


Say affirmations throughout the day and honor yourself each night by lighting a scented candle, writing a few Thank You Notes in your journal, and feeling proud of yourself.

Practicing gratitude and self-appreciation has created magic in my life and the lives of thousands of my clients worldwide. We women flourish when we start to notice how wonderful we are. 

Here are some of my favorite daily affirmations:  

“I choose health, vitality, and bliss. I love myself.” 

“I love and respect my body. My body is my home.”

“I nourish my soul with beautiful thoughts and I honor my body with vibrant foods.” 

Let’s now focus on cleansing the body. 



The question I get asked the most often is, “Renia, what’s the #1 thing I can start doing today to get to my ideal weight and feel better?” My answer is always the same, “Start sipping your greens, Darling!” 

One of the simplest ways you can start your body cleanse today is by drinking green smoothies and juices. If you need inspiration or recipes here is a smoothie that my clients, my husband and I absolutely love and make it daily. 


1 cup water + 1cup spinach + 1cup kale

1 banana, frozen, sliced into small chunks + 1 cup frozen mango + 1TBS flax seed

Blend and enjoy!


Each of my client’s spectacular makeovers always starts with detoxifying her kitchen and home environment. This includes her makeup, lotions, and supplements. Maybe, even letting go of some people in her life. 

Summer is the perfect time to give your body a break from complicated foods that sabotage your health and beauty, such as sugar and processed foods, alcohol, and caffeine. And it is also a perfect time to fill your kitchen with vibrant, fresh, nutritious foods and your vanity with natural body and skin products. Become aware of how the company you choose affects your energy… perhaps it is time to set new self-loving boundaries with people in your life. 

The kitchen, vanity, and energy make-overs are a must-do if you are looking for permanent results and not just for the next quick fix or another weight loss plan.


I’m a big believer in starting your day with a beautiful cup of warm water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. 

This simple step will help you flush your lymphatic system from toxins, support your liver detox, and hydrate your cells.  

I suggest drinking at least 64 oz. of the best quality, clean water with lemon a day. Feel free to sip warm water throughout the day for faster results. 

If you are ready to start feeling beautiful, confident and comfortable in your body and fully show up in your personal and professional life, I invite you for a 45-minute FREE NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATIONwith me. 

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We will discover exactly what do you require to becom hugely successful in your professional and personal life. 

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Renata Orr is on the mission to help women become healthy and confident in their bodies, visible in their personal and professional lives, and master the art of living “La Dolce Vita”.

Her movement is all about teaching women how to create a beautiful body, vibrant health, and blissful life from the space of inspiration, passion, and ease.

An expert in using food as medicine and the body-mind connection, she helps women all over the world heal naturally digestive problems, autoimmune diseases and cardiovascular issues, get back to their ideal weight effortlessly, and overcome food addictions, and emotional eating.

Her career, spanning over 30 years in the nutrition, beauty, skincare and fashion worlds, make her uniquely qualified to help you create your personal roadmap to a Beautiful, Healthy and Vibrant “New You”.

As an original partner and Managing Director of Ananas Spa in Southampton, NY, Renata developed a range of beauty and skin care programs for A-list celebrities, global jet-setters and hundreds of loyal and appreciative clients, including Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger.

She received her nutritional degree from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Hippocrates Health Institute, where she was introduced to holistic approach to nutrition and health.

Born and educated in Warsaw, Poland where she received her undergraduate degree in Economics and her MBA in Management, she ran several international businesses in Poland, including a highly successful fashion business, before moving to the U.S.

Renata is a passionate world traveler who enjoys the latest fashion, art, fine dining, personal development, and spirituality.

She is fluent in English, Polish and Russian and is a great example of practicing what she preaches. 

Featured on NBC, Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough and on the Ladies’ Room on LTV on LI, Renata lives in Houston, TX with her husband, Sean, and beautiful Havanese, Dolce.

She has one daughter, Sonia, who graduated from NYU Stern School with a degree in MBA and lives and works in NYC.