Success Stories

 “I lost 28lbs in 90 days, I am now off 3 medications, including my inhaler.”

I met Renata at a low point in my life . . . overweight, depressed, tired, asthmatic.
She invited me over for a free consultation, which was just what I needed to get started. After losing 28lbs in 90 days, I am now off 3 medications, including my inhaler.
I feel good about myself and am getting many compliments about the new me. “Abuelasita,” and “I’m still trying to get used to the skinny you,” are just a few.
Bonnie Clements, Houston, TX 



“I healed my allergies, asthma and depression, lost 20 lbs and went off meds! “

“Before I consulted with Renata, my asthma after 15 years was getting worse and worse. My nose was stuffed, my eyes itched a lot and I was very concerned that my Advair, the best asthma medication out there, was not working as well anymore.

Renata, at the second session already felt that I had a problem with wheat and dairy. It took just a few weeks before I noticed my nose clearing up and my eyes no longer itching. So, all of a sudden I noticed that I didn’t need to use the Advair anymore. All my congestion was gone! I also noticed that I had lost 20 pounds!

Unrelated to the allergies, I was also having a lot of problems with my right shoulder and my left knee, and most of all my back. I noticed that since I changed my diet I had a lot less aches and pains. My back, shoulder, and knee were doing really well.

Another area in which Renata helped me was in how I looked at the short and long term goals in my life. She gave me a new approach and framework which I have adopted. I have completed many things in my household over the last year that had been put aside years ago. Clothes were weeded out. Rooms got painted. Repairs were done.  Clothes got ironed. I started to get more involved with the community and school and I felt I had more control of my time.

Renata also coached me to up the amount of exercise in my schedule AND to set up weekly dates with my husband. I have been able to keep up a regular exercise schedule since last year, which I have never been able to do, and I have had more dates with my husband than ever before. I have really begun to appreciate the strong correlation between eating well and having the resolve to manage my time and all my priorities.

What I love about Renata’s program, is that is doesn’t involve any gimmicks.  It is all just about you, food, time management, and a new approach to life.  It is not rocket science, but it is stuff some of us can’t seem to figure out alone.

Thank you, thank you Renata for your coaching. You are wonderful!!! Things ARE happening.

Love and hugs,

Cathy Ruhland, Tarrytown, NY

P.S. Here is something else I really want to share. For me there is a very strong correlation between caffeine and depression. If I am off coffee for even a week, my world becomes brighter. I wonder how many people would be helped if they just realized that.”

Update from Cathy:

Dear Renata, I am writing to you because I am a VERY happy client of yours. Your program has changed the lives of at least 5, maybe 6, people so far. I have lost 20 lbs without any effort during the last two months and my allergic rhinitis (runny nose) has stopped. My asthma has calmed down as I try to pinpoint food sensitivities that are complicating matters and I’m now off my medications.

During my most recent vacation with 3 (out of 5) of my siblings, I was in charge of the menu. It was packed to the gills with romaine, kale, collards, swiss chard, bananas, grapefruit, oranges, apples, quinoa, black beans and barley. Everyone of my family mentioned how grateful they were for the healthy food. And it was delicious. My mother who was visiting for one week is now a convert to the breakfast kale smoothie. It has eliminated the leaden feeling that she had been feeling for a long time now. I noticed that her coughing and congestion also declined, just over one week.

My sister in Northampton, MA, who has been struggling with her weight and with healthy eating, started having breakfast smoothies a week ago after I had raved to her about my experience. She is now committed to the “veggie program”. My two daughters, 9 and 11 are also smoothie addicts, and we have been having afternoon fruit smoothies too, instead of other less healthy options. My husband is skeptical and finds it hard to believe that one can live on vegetables alone. That’s okay, someone has to eat all the meat and sausages in the freezer…

In summary, you have made an incredible impact on the lives of my family. Your program is excellent because it is simple, clear and memorable. 

I will continue to recommend your program to others. Thank you Renata!”

Cathy Ruhland, Tarrytown, NY


“I have lost 30 lbs, I am back into all my ‘thin’ clothes and that is a wonderful feeling.  It is great fun to try on new clothing in the store!”


“Of most importance in our one to one work with Renata, was how she customized what we did based on where I was and what were important next steps.

She looked closely at what I did each week and made pertinent suggestions to take the next steps.  She also looked at my bigger life picture including sleep patterns, exercise, my life goals and targeted these with me.”

Blair Hoffman, Westchester, NY



“Looking back at this time I know Renata

saved my life.”



Before I reached out to my friend Renata Orr for help and support and adopted her “repair and healing” program I was in probably the most difficult time of my life.

I was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition of physical and emotional exhaustion. My life was hanging by a thread. I couldn’t walk, breathe and I was losing vision; every move was a big effort. I didn’t know what was going on with me and my body and the worst was that the doctors didn’t know either. I had no power to live physically and emotionally; I was prepared that this may be the end of my life. Exhausted and discouraged I thought about my friend, Renata.

When my five-year old daughter asked me “Mommy, please live for me, because if you die I’ll die, too”, that was a defining moment of clarity that redefined all my priorities.

I realized that it is not my time yet, that I have so many reasons to live. I was determined to do something and look for help. I knew I can’t do it on my own and my intuition was telling me that I should contact my long time friend, Renata. I felt in my heart that she is the only person that can help me. I admired her strength, loyalty and wisdom for years.

I sent her a message “Please save me!” and she responded instantly.

She listened, looked at my blood results and my symptoms and explained to me what the problems were and what we needed to do. I liked her confidence and focus.

After just one call I was on board and we sprang into action instantly. I trusted Renata’s recommendations completely and followed her program 100%.

The results were astonishing!

In just two weeks, from a person who barely existed I felt that I was getting back my life energy and will to live.

We focused on completely changing my diet that was the main problem that contributed to my condition. I started walking and exercising gently to rebuild my strength.

We also focused on another aspect of my life that greatly contributed to my condition, stress! I started practicing meditations, affirmations and positive thinking to relax and bring my life back to balance. I learned all of that from the coaching program with Renata.

Looking back at this time I know Renata saved my life.

There is a deep meaning in this sentence because I learned from her that life doesn’t mean only existence, going on auto-pilot from one day to another, eat whatever, do whatever, and work without meaning.

Renata showed me that the way I live my life is in my choice. She shared with me processes that help me create a beautiful life. I learned that the key to my beautiful life and health is loving myself.

I lived 45 years not knowing how to be happy, cherish every moment, how wonderful the world around me really is.

I feel like I was given second chance in my life.

Thank you my Dear Guardian Angel.

Edyta Malke, Warsaw Poland



“Now I am 20 pounds lighter and look 15 years younger!”


I was puffy, achy and popping ibuprofen like candy trying to deal with inflammation in my body.

Now  I feel like a million bucks and my husband, Larry brags about both me and his amazing health.

You are a food scientist, a spiritual sister and one of the most impactful people in my life.You removed my excuses by providing easy to use solutions!

What I gained? No bouts with diverticulitis, constipation or bloating, coughing is gone, I’m 20 pounds lighter and look 15 years younger and get compliments all the time.

Lori Miller, President of Tooty Inc, Chicago IL



“Within the first 3 days of working with Renata, my headaches miraculously disappeared!”


I had been suffering from headaches for 2 years but for about 6 months I was getting extreme headaches every day and absolutely nothing cured them.

I was in pain, I was miserable, I thought the worst (brain tumor?!) and I needed help.

My mom referred me to Renata and after knowing the magic she worked for my mom, I decided to give it a shot.

I was terrified. I love food and I’ve never once monitored what I was eating or, God forbid, cut anything out!

But I had to do something to dig myself out from behind those headaches.

As a busy mom of 3 young kids, I had no time to be down!

Renata was more than a wealth of information, always providing details and the science behind the food and the changes she requested.

Our weekly sessions became a safe haven for me, she was always so inspiring, uplifting and encouraging.

She always brought me out of any funk I was in. I gave the program my all, following exactly what she asked of me.

Knowing that I had to check in weekly kept me accountable.

Within the first 3 days of working with her, my headaches miraculously disappeared!

She had told me she had a feeling she knew what the issue was after our initial chat and I couldn’t believe how spot on she was!

During our 12 weeks I saw a dramatic change in my health, my energy and how well I was sleeping.

Headaches are a thing of the past and I’m more present and available to my family.

I never knew food could make or break me and I’m forever grateful for the knowledge that Renata passed on to me. I choose health, not only for me but for my whole family!

Lisa Faber, Stevensville, MI



“I have lost 20 pounds and am on my way to a new style of life, one that focuses on whole foods and taking better care of my health!”


Linda“It is not often in life that we get the opportunity to have a life-changing experience… After just a few weeks of working with Renata Orr I have developed a new way of thinking about, shopping for and eating food.

Renata’s approach to teaching her clients is very interactive and connected to our lives. She encourages clients to reflect about her eating, lifestyle and overall health goals and provides recipes and ongoing support through emails, website updates and blog posts.”

Linda Horisk. Tarrytown, NY.


“I released 60 lbs. of  self-doubt.

I met Renata a number of years ago.
Having bad eating habits throughout my life led me to remain overweight for over 34 years.
Desperate, I saw Renata’s ad for nutritional guidance.
Since I had tried every diet, every magic pill, drink, bar, cookie, powder and liquid on the market.
I was done.
I met with Renata one on one and she guided me through learning how to eat for health while being thoughtful to my inner self.
Starting small was key.
A smoothie every morning started my day.
I have since moved on in life and over the course of time, I released 60 lbs. of self-doubt.
I am no longer ashamed of who I am as I hold my head high.
Thank you Renata❤️



“Thank you for transforming my health!”

LoriI admit I was hesitant to work with you.

I was candid in telling you that I don’t diet and if you were going to tell me to NOT do something, I would surely do it anyway!

You were patient and wise as you said we would begin by adding things to what I was eating now. 

You asked me if I could commit to drinking a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning and I agreed.  Since I have never been a breakfast eater, you asked me if I could do a smoothie each morning and I agreed.

I felt triumphant because you gave me something I could do without feeling bad about myself. 

To me, you are a food scientist!

Each time we talk and I share what is happening with my body you have a solution in the form of a recipe or a superfood. You opened my eyes to the effects of dairy, sugar, and gluten.

I had been trying to deal with inflammation in my body by taking vitamins and ibuprofen because no one ever discussed with me how to cook differently. 

Telling someone to add kale is not the same as providing easy and delicious recipes. Sending me product lists and pictures of product labels so I can find them in the store has helped me to shop better.

You removed my excuses by providing easy to use solutions!

What have I gained by working with you for just a  few months?

1)      No bouts with diverticultis or constipation

2)      Bloating dramatically decreased

3)      People have noticed weight loss

4)      Coughing at night is gone

5)      I crave kale

6)      Meat doesn’t taste as good to me now and when I eat it, a few bites is all I want.

Thank you for transforming my health!

With love,

Lori Miller President, Tooty Inc., Chicago IL.



“Feeling accomplished, I really like how I “show up” for others

Simply put, working with Renata was a pure joy! Her energy, empathy and encouragement are very motivating.

I knew that I was not going to become “fanatical” about my eating habits; that I wanted to eat healthier, but in a way that I knew I could maintain. In terms of objectives, while I desired to lose some weight, I was more concerned about my health going forward. I am very active but did not like some of my “statistics” from my last physical exam. I also wanted to feel more energy.

Renata meet me where I was at and in a way that also engaged my spouse in the process – which was critical to my success – and she also benefited from the program! I have more energy, am must faster on the tennis court and enjoy and feel more satisfied with my eating choices.

Feeling accomplished, I really like how I “show up” for others — and me as well. What may be most important is that I believe my current lifestyle is sustainable. My physician was very excited about my greatly improved health measurements and joked that he would like me to speak to some of his patients!

Renata is a force of nature in terms of helping you achieve and sustain the lifestyle you want – and deserve!

Ronald Rooth, Chicago, IL

Rooth Coaching and Consulting, LLC



“I am now feeling fulfilled, challenged and valued. “

Less than a year ago, I was feeling stifled -stuck really.  I had been in an unfulfilling position, feeling unappreciated, I was in debt and dissatisfied with my weight.  I met Renata at an exercise class and was immediately struck by her positivity, self-assurance, inner and outer beauty.  I thought, “I like this woman, she has such vitality. ” I was not surprised to learn that she was a coach.  I listened carefully to Renata’s offer, and I equivocated about making such an investment in myself.  I needed help and somehow my inner spirit led me to take a chance.
What I received from Renata was so much more than a weight loss plan.  I lost 15 lbs and gained principles of healthy eating that I am using daily.  Renata’s coaching also led me to focus more deeply on my personal goals and to face and redirect negative thoughts that were holding me back.  Over the next six months, things changed very quickly for me.
The old job of 10 years suddenly ended, and with my renewed sense of purpose and self-confidence, I landed two consulting projects and paid off my debts In less than three months, Within 2-3 months, I was offered a new career opportunity, which I accepted.  I am now feeling fulfilled, challenged and valued. To add to this, a long-term dream of living in a home with an ocean view began to manifest.  It’s no longer a dream and my house by the sea will be finished within a year.
Renata’s coaching showed me the power of making concrete goals with measurable steps and how clear intentions are the compass for realizing our dreams.  I did not anticipate that my life would change so rapidly but I am more confident, self- assured and intentional.

“Today I’m at my ideal weight for the first time in 20 years!”

If you are someone looking to substantially improve your life, I enthusiastically endorse Renata Petecka.

With her careful help and caring guidance I was able to reach substantial weight goals – a loss of twenty five pounds – in a remarkably short period of time...and it was a uniquely enjoyable and painless experience!

Today I’m at my ideal weight for the first time in 20 years. I have lost the weight and kept it off, all the while feeling clearer, more grounded, happier, more energetic, and less stressed and anxious.

Renata identified and led me away from foods that caused my headaches, sinus infections, weight gain and other health problems and I was able to replace them, deliciously, with ease.

When I went for my most recent annual check up, my physician was delighted with my transformation. He has never seen me in a better shape physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Renata played an important role in that happy improvement, and I thank her and recommend her to anyone seeking positive personal change.

Chip Gibson, Sleepy Hollow, NY



“Renata has been a serious life-coach and has changed my lifestyle in so many ways.”

Omar“There comes a time when you’re ready for a change, if you’re reading this you’re probably at that point. When I met Renata, several months ago, I literally had trouble breathing. I suffered from seasonal allergies and asthma. Physical activities and exercise were extremely challenging for me unless I pretty much carried my medicine cabinet with me during the workout. Today, i’m writing this testimonial, after running a 3 mile Nature Trail, without using my asthma pump at all.

Renata put me on a regimen that totally revived my immune system. She has been a serious life-coach and has transformed me and my lifestyle in so many ways. Reaching out to her was one of the best decisions I’ve made in life.

These days I don’t know what surprises me more, what I do at the gym or in the kitchen. If you don’t believe me, that’s okay, but you should believe in yourself. Believe in what you could be, and don’t cheat your potential. Give her a call, there’s a new-you waiting at the finish line. Thanks, Renata!”.

Omar Stewart, Florida


“Coaching with Renata was a total life changer!”

KarinThis program really has become a part of our new healthy lifestyle.

Renata gave us easy to follow recommendations that really work! We integrated the knowledge we acquired into all of our food choices.

Renata’s inspiring personality and organized process made our journey together informative and fun.

Most importantly, Renata really cares about her clients!!!

This program was the best investment for our health that my husband and I made.

I’m sure it will be a total life changer for you too!

Karin and Steve Feldshuh, Tarrytown, NY





“It is a lot easier taking lessons from a PRO.”

“I had heart related health issues and after a long life of eating poorly. I realized I needed to change my habits if I were going to enjoy my as yet unborn grandchildren. I had tried to change my eating habits on my own, but I realized I needed a coach to properly educate me and keep me focused.

I noticed right away that Renata is extremely knowledgeable. She has an in-depth knowledge of different foods, their benefits to the body, and how to prepare them in a palatable way. I have never eaten vegetables on a regular basis nor enjoyed them in the past, however, over the course of the past three months the majority of the food I eat now consists of vegetables.  She has shown me easy and quick ways to prepare food which is important to me as I am not someone who likes to spend a lot of time cooking. I have also come to like vegetables, which frankly astounds not only me but my family.

Another obstacle I faced was that I did not like to shop for food. After some reluctance, I accompanied her to a grocery store where she showed me healthy items which I would never have thought to buy. These included not only vegetables but also items such as dark chocolate peanut butter. The primary benefit of my new regime is increased energy.

If you want to learn to play golf, you can get a book and teach yourself, but it is a lot easier taking lessons from a pro. Similarly, you can buy a book on improving your nutrition, but it is a lot easier to accomplish when you have music to go along with the words. I have found Renata to be excellent in reinforcing me to do what I know I should be doing, but otherwise might fail at. I am sure she would help you also.

Richard V.B. Manix, Hartsdale, NY

“I can’t recognize myself!”

It’s not possible to express in a few words how I feel and what I received and achieved while working with you.

Before working with you I lived my life according to my old customs, old eating habits, surrounded by my own negative thinking, negative moods, and stress.

Today I can’t recognize myself and keep asking myself, “Why did it all happen so late?” (I’m 70)! I know you would say that it all happens at the right time and the right moment when we are ready!

Working with Renata not only totally changed my way of living and eating but also showed me that I’m in charge of my life.

Your recommendations and guidance helped me to “grow up” and take full responsibility for my health. I realized that if I want to change in my life and my health I have to start with myself!

Thanks to changing my diet I’m getting my health back, my blood test results improved, my digestion works better and now my body craves healthy food because it feels so good and easy to eat this way.

Renata made it so easy and helped me to incorporate the changes step by step.

Now every day I learn and discover something new, interesting and exciting about food.

I make my own vegetable cocktails, juices, soups and desserts and all of that based on plant food. I share new recipes, new discoveries, and tips with my daughter and grand-daughter and we all love it!

With Renata’s guidance, I also learned how to slow down!

I learned how to change my thoughts to be more positive, be patient, respect myself, and allow myself to relax.

Now I wake up happy, I smile more and feel grateful for each day.

I’m much calmer, less impulsive, and more humble. I learned how to meditate!

In the morning I plan each day while sipping my morning glass of water and practice gratitude and say prayers in the evening. I thank God for all the blessings I received.

Renata, I feel so thankful for the change I experienced in my life. I share the great energy, enthusiasm and knowledge I receive from every session with you with my friends, family and people I know.

This is a completely different life for me and I love it!

Irena Oles, Katowice Poland



“Renata really CARES about the people she works with.”

“Renata really CARES about the people she works with. She is enthusiastic about teaching people a “New” way to live life with all the delicious foods this earth has to offer. Knowledgeable, to say the least… She has done her homework and knows more about nutrition than anyone I have ever worked with (i.e professors in college, nutritionists etc.). My perception has changed since I started working with Renata. I no longer look at the foods, that I thought I could never live without, in the same way.

Once I began to learn about ALL the wonderful things I could eat, I started to feel FREE from the tyranny and deprivation that food once had over me. I met Renata at my gym and it was crystal clear to me that she has a passion to teach people about a “whole” new way to live with “whole foods” that will not only make you feel good about yourself, physically but mentally as well.  Food for thought… The greener the better, find your rainbow every day and your dreams can come true…

I truly believe Renata was put into my life for a reason because every since I have met her… my whole attitude and outlook on life began to change when it came to eating the very thing human beings need to do every single day. Enjoy what you eat and enjoy life to the fullest!!!!!

Mary Lou Cilurzo, Dobbs Ferry, NY.



“Working with Renata can truly change your life.”

“I have worked in the wellness industry for fifteen years and in the world of health coaches, Renata Petecka is a rare gem. Renata herself is a beautiful example of a life in balance. She knows the importance of living a balanced life and she inspires her clients in every session to take their health and wellness to the next level and to not only achieve vibrant health but to thrive as well.

She is a wealth of information, recipes and inspiration. If you are looking to feel better than you have ever felt, have a body that runs optimally and have less stress and more balance in your life then Renata is the coach you have been searching for. A session with Renata is good for the soul. Her passion for her profession and her dedication to her clients is phenomenal.  She makes achieving optimal health delicious and fun. Working with Renata can truly change your life and lead you to the life you have been waiting for.”

Jennifer Taylor, East Hampton, NY



“I have never felt better.”

Ever since I signed up for Renata’s nutrition program, I have never felt better. I’m eating so many delicious foods that I’d never even consider cooking on my own.

Renata makes eating healthy so easy!. I lost the weight that I never thought I would lose in such a short period of time.

The program is not about buying products, or dieting, or “fast fixes” that falter in time – it’s all about making the right decisions that will follow you for the rest of your life, and there’s no better guide to those decisions than Renata!.

Ruby Gu, New York, NY


“My family is eating better than ever.”

“Renata, Thank you for your coaching. My family is eating better than ever. We feel that what you have taught us we can continue in our daily lives.

My husband is a changed person-the diet and lifestyle is the most dramatic change for him. Thank you for guiding us to good health”.

Renate Bernard, Califon, NJ.

“Love how simple but powerful the guidelines are.”

“Renata offered me a new way to think about food and I know my eating habits will be changed forever because of it.

I am so grateful!

Love how simple but powerful the guidelines are. Excellent teacher, you model what you coach, lots of added value in the program: recipes, food to try, handouts, meditation CD, etc”.

Persephone Z. Tarrytown, NY.



I feel in control and empowered about my health and my body. I’ve been able to lose weight while eating well and being satisfied. I am no longer making excuses for myself (i.e. I am getting older, therefore, I am gaining weight. I also feel sharper and more alert.Ana Mantini, NY


“Renata’s passion and understanding everything she teaches really helps me to follow her plan. The minute I started the smoothies, I could definitely feel the difference in how I felt. Now I have more energy and I actually feel healthier. I also have lower cholesterol.” Frank Tarascio, NY


I’ve learned to make smarter choices in what I eat, cook and buy. My digestion issues have cleared significantly! I feel much lighter!”. Barbara Richl, NY


“Renata did a great job getting the group excited about living a healthier lifestyle. Her enthusiasm really helped. I became much more aware and responsive to what I put in my body and I am feeling more energized.” Jonathan Quartuccio, NY


“I have learned a lot about food and how much to eat. Trying new things has helped make this process most exciting.  Renata helped me think about what I was eating and why and introduced new foods into my diet and taught me about the foods I was eating that were not helping. I have reduced cravings for junk food, am eating more mindfully, and realize that I am worth it.” Lauren Golden, NY


“I am more aware of healthy eating, have lost weight, have more energy, and I sleep better”Marty Felenstein, NY


“Strongly enjoyed learning about how to integrate whole foods in many tasty recipes. I feel more confident in understanding why certain foods are better and how to combine them in beneficial ways.” Jessica Brown, NY


“Enjoying the smoothies and my skin is so much clearer. Feeling better. Before this program I was definitely eating the ‘SAD’ diet. I was hooked on carbs and sugar. Now, I feel better, I’m more mindful of my choices and I don’t have as many cravings.”


“I feel so much healthier. I feel so much better about myself. I feel more confident. I’ve learned a lot of new healthy recipes and new techniques that will help me be even healthier. I lost weight, feel much better and healthier, and sleep better.” Lenny Carpenito, NY


“I enjoyed learning new recipes and trying new food. The pleasant atmosphere contributed to a great experience. You make it very informational and positive. I’m more aware of healthy food and how it affects my health and the way I feel. I crave less carbohydrates and meat. I have a clearer idea and vision of my life. Thank you for all your program.” Halina Sabath, NY

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